This logo was designed as part of the Premier Vacation Spot project for our client Eleasing Solutions. The initial design that the client was looking for had to set the color scheme for the website while retaining elements of vacation areas.

Logo Design

We designed the original concepts using a combination of Photoshop and Illustrator. The client was very specific about the logo including a “globular” look as well as including palm trees and waves to cover the entire gamut of vacation homes.

We created the following concepts in Photoshop per the details the client provided and we created a few of our own adding the element of airplane travel.

The client ended up choosing one of the lower concepts and enjoyed the mountain silhouette and the flow of the water and palm tree. We developed it from there, finalizing the logo as a vector in Illustrator.


The design process went by fairly smooth and the client was very easy to work with. The logo design process was probably the easiest part of the project considering the scope of what was needed for the premier vacation spot website.

This was also one of the few times we created concept thumbnail logos that were almost full-on logos.

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