The Premier Vacation Spot Drupal website was a project commissioned to use by our contact at Eleasing Solutions. We worked together with her and our programmer to build out a website that met the needs of our client.

Drupal Website Design

Usually, we don’t work with wireframes or detailed comps with smaller projects to keep our production queue from getting swamped, so we approached this project a bit different than prior projects.

First, we created a number of website comps. I had mentioned before that with the logo we were trying to “cover the gamut” of vacation areas. We did the same with the comps and created a number from different palettes representing different vacation areas.

The client ended up settling on the more “earthy” color palette. We figured this would be the case considering she wanted to focus on homes in Colorado. As a note, the logo was designed after the website design was finalized, so the color scheme for the logo came from the 4th concept listed above.

The 4th concept above was selected as the design for the website. With a few tweaks, a lot of custom CSS and some HTML manipulation we came up with this for the overall design:

pvs drupal home page

Site Functionality

The scope of the website’s functionality was vastly different than anything we had done before. The client needed a website that would allow her to post rental homes with specific information, and allow potential renters to search through the rentals and reserve them.

We had our programmer use the apache solr search module for Drupal, as well as add some custom functionality to the search, and we ended up fulfilling the client’s needs.

Later on, the client came back and commissioned us to add more functionality to the website.

This time she requested for us to add functionality to the website that would allow potential renters to sign up and add their own rentals to the site. This required an entire reworking of the search system and the way the website functioned. At the moment, this project is still on-going as we beta test the added functions.


Although this project is incomplete, the experience has been very rewarding. We at Frank Design were able to push ourselves in the coding department and in the end, we blended a good design with the needed functionality. More importantly, the client was very satisfied with the result.

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