This logo design was done for an SEO company I used to work for who operates an e-commerce website that sells parts for off-road vehicles.

This project is also quite old and was completed back in 2009.

Logo Design

The concept for this logo design was done fairly quickly, and to be honest, I barely did any kind of conceptualizing for it. I didn’t build any comps or thumbnails either, I just threw it together because the company I was working for at the time needed a re-brand for their e-commerce parts store.

Either way, I really liked the result.

My thought process at the time was to use a more rugged design. The color scheme was already in place so I did not need to worry about that aspect of it.

I decided to go with a sort of stencil font for the words “FX”. I was also working out of Photoshop, so I tried to make it look “painted on” in the final pass.  I went with a more conservative font for the “Powersports” part as I didn’t want to overwhelm the design by making it look too crazy.

For the background, I tried to emulate a sort of “sports material” look as well as make it a bit 3D.

As a finishing touch I added a bit of a green gradient and shine, and ended up with this as the final logo design:

powersports fx logo


Despite the lack of organization or preparation, I thought the logo turned out to be pretty decent considering the time involved.

I look back at it now and I realize how much my process for doing logo designs has changed. I no longer haphazardly throw designs together or avoid making revisions, and even though the process takes longer I find that client are more satisfied with the results.

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