A few years ago I worked for an engineering firm based out of Arvada, Colorado. I was their sole designer and maintained all their websites and graphic design materials. I also helped develop the majority of their marketing collateral.

Print/Digital Ad, Flyer, HTML Email, Video Design

One of the first projects I was involved with took place after Pie went through a re-brand. I was tasked with recreating a lot of their old marketing materials as well as creating some new ones.

One of these was a print ad for a magazine, and this was the final result after a number of revisions:

The overall design was very simple. Those overseeing the design of the materials were always very specific in how they wanted the design to look and with an established color scheme from the re-brand, things proceeded in a timely manner.

The point of this ad was to cover the building enclosure commissioning side of Pie and emphasize the services they offered. I used actual imagery of Pie engineers working as opposed to stock photography.

Another project I was involved with was a CE (continuing education) class provided by the forensic half of Pie. The particular class provided insights into fermentation losses suffered by brewing companies. I created a branded digital ad as well as an HTML email that Pie could send to the contacts in their CRM.

As was with all Pie-related projects, this was easy to put together and required very few revisions:

fermentation class ad

And this was the HTML email design used:

fermentation class html email

With the design, I tried to emphasize the “pub look” by adding a glazed wood effect similar to something you’d see in a bar. I also created custom icons under “beer related links” and cropped in an image of hops in the header of the digital ad.

One of the re-creation projects I was handed was to re-design Pie’s service flyers. These were marketing pieces meant to define what each service Pie offered provided to potential clients.

The following design became a template for the other flyers:

catastrophe flyer page 1catastrophe flyer page 2


Although this marketing piece contained a bit too much content, the principals of the company were satisfied with the design and its mimicry of the Pie re-brand. This piece also went through the most revisions, although it was more for the content than design.

One of the more interesting experiences was being able to develop Pie’s Youtube channel. I used a combination of Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop to create a few marketing videos for Pie. Here are the results:

I created this video to highlight the various activities that were put together for the Pie Cherrity Festival, an annual charity endeavor.

This video was created as one of a series showcasing the interests of Pie engineers.


I enjoyed the variety of work I was able to engage in with Pie, and the engineers were fairly easy to work within the development of the new materials. Though there were a lot more projects I could have cataloged in this post, I felt as if these were the best to use.

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