With this logo, we were tasked with conceptualizing something simple and clean for a concrete company in Colorado.

Logo Design

Working with easy clients is a blessing for sure, and Nunez definitely worked well with us to develop their company logo. In fact, the entire affair took less than two weeks to complete.

For the first round of design, I attempted to focus on concepts that obviously needed to be concrete-related considering what the company does.

With that in mind, I came up with the following thumbnails in Photoshop:


nunez logo thumbnails

Although very rough in design, these embodied more of a silhouette look, while the third one would have incorporated some 3D elements had Nunez decided to move along with it.

The first concept draws on the concrete tiling that the company does. The second focuses more on asphalt with a bit of foreshortening while the fourth was developed using a cement mixer from the back of a cement truck as a sort of “icon.”

In the end, the client decided to go with the second concept, and I finalized the design using Illustrator to draw out the shapes as well as add a drop shadow to the text.


nunez logo


Compared to a few other projects, this logo was very easy as a concept to develop and finalize. That can definitely be a blessing on top of dealing with an easy client, and it’s nice to experience such things in a high stress job.

I also didn’t encounter the same type of “writer’s block” I sometimes do with other logo designs, so I was happy things went smoothly and we were able to get approval from the client and get the design done in a timely manner. On top of that, we were also able to secure a website design from the company!

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