I designed this logo for a client that creates and sells classic scarves in Denver, CO. The initial first phase of logo designs was rejected while the subsequent phases led to a logo that the client liked.

Logo Design

The initial design request was fairly simple. The client sent us a number of examples that embodied the style of how she wanted the logo to look. I put together the following design in response to her request:


modern twists poka dot logo

Unfortunately, the design did not quite meet her expectations.

After refining the details on what she wanted we developed these concepts based on a few pieces of art and classic scarf designs she sent to us. With this second phase of design, we were able to narrow down to a more appropriate design.

modern twists thumbnails

I had to put a bit more thought into the design and came up with these thumbnails. The first few concepts followed the original design request, while the other half was a newer design and incorporated the mannequin elements into the look and feel.

Thankfully, she decided to go with the sixth concept but requested for us to add polka dots to it.

The final phase of design produced this logo:


modern twists logo


Though we ended up having a hiccup near the beginning of this design project, we finished it out with a completed logo that fit the client’s needs.

The process was interesting as well and we were happy to be able to work closely with the client to refine the idea down to an acceptable standard.

I also had a lot of fun with the second phase of thumbnails and incorporating other elements into the design. The first phase threw me off a bit, but I’m glad we were able to create something the client liked.

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