Mid Kansas Exteriors was a WordPress project for Get Found Fast. The site build was for a current client of GFFs who had had their old site built by us and needed to renew the look.

WordPress Mockup Process

With this next project, I decided to avoid the mistakes of the past and rely on providing the client with one WordPress mock-up instead of multiple ones. This cut down on confusion and helped made the process much more efficient.

mid kansas call to action buttonsThe design we came up with used a typical hierarchy. We had the more important aspects of the company emphasized in the slider in the first fold. These were the window/siding replacement and storm damage services, which happened to be the biggest money-makers for them.

Further down, we set up links to each of their other services, which while still important, were less so in comparison to the window/siding and storm damage repair.

The rest of the design had the usual pattern of elements. A call to action bar, a brief history of the company, their values and finally a slider with testimonials.

After the walkthrough of the design, the client was very happy with the result and wanted us to begin development right away.

WordPress Website Design Process

rollemout full home pageThe design for this website was somewhat unique. We were able to actually use the GFF WordPress theme we had been developing to build this, which helped us in the process of making it mobile friendly as well as optimizing the performance.

We usually never incorporate two different sliders into a website due to performance issues, but because the rest of the home page was so lightweight (we optimized the crap out of those images), we were able to get away with having the Bxslider script handle the main slide while the slick slider script handled the one for the testimonials.

Once again we opted to use scripts and manually build the sliders instead of relying on plugins. We were also able to use slick slider in conjunction with Advanced Custom Fields, which made things incredibly helpful when changing out the testimonials.

The rest of the site did not require any kind of fancy functionality besides the usual mobile responsive setup and CSS animations.

Conclusion & Optimization Report

With this being one of the very first websites to use our special WordPress theme, we were glad to see that the optimization performed in the backend of it carried through.

Tweaking the build with the two sliders was challenging, but worth the effort as I learned much more about how to setup a slider manually instead of relying on a plugin.


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