We’ve worked with a lot of real estate agents and tend to pick up contacts through them. Michael Manzitto was one of them, and he had asked us to design him some ads to use for his business. The full scope included some digital ads to use on his social media as well as an ad he could use for open houses.

I put together a few concepts for him and I was overall pretty happy with the results especially in sticking to our usual business minimalist designs.

Ad Design

The ad designs for Michael Manzitto weren’t anything overly-complicated. My experience with real estate agents is that they tend to be very easy to work with when it comes down to graphic design. I figure that comes with the job.

Anyway, I just followed my usual designs for these and incorporated the colors from his business as the scheme. Obviously, I wanted them to follow a certain theme to brand them properly, so I had to incorporate a pattern of design elements just in case he decided to go with all of them.

Here is the line-up:


I noticed the circular aspect of their logo and tried to play on that as a design element theme throughout each ad. I also used lines reminiscent of blueprint lines as another element of the design. With the hierarchy, I emphasized a minimalist, less -busy approach because it tends to appeal to business people.


This was a bit of a tangent for me. I’m used to web design which can be much more production-focused and time-consuming, so I don’t always get to sit back and put a lot of thought into the overall design. I was glad to be able to get back to my roots as a graphic designer and try my hand at ads again.

The client was also happy, which is always good.

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