We were contacted about designing a logo for a company called Maid’s Envy, which is a cleaning service located in Colorado.

Logo Design

For the Maid’s Envy logo, Frank Design was tasked with creating a graphic representation of the company that embodied aspects of the Maid’s Envy business. The client specifically wanted something simple (this should be a phrase that every single designer in the world loves), and so we tried to combine different shapes representing mops, brooms and water with the initial concepts.

The following is the four hand-drawn thumbnail designs (created in Photoshop) we ended up presenting in the first phase of design:


These concepts designs were deemed to be a bit too detailed and were rejected at first. However, the designs themselves had gotten the client to start narrowing down exactly what they wanted. This led to them settling on a design that was even more simple than the original project scope details.

The client then specified exactly what they wanted, which was a logo that focused more on the textual element, or the “MEI” acronym that related to their business. They also specified having the MEI encased in a linear representation of a house while the letter “I” was to become a vector broom.

We did the design in Adobe Illustrator and a day later presented them with this:


Overall the client ended up happy with the result.


This project was a fun one to do. It reminded us that the concept thumbnails we produce don’t always succeed with some clients. However, their purpose is not always to be the final design, but to stir up ideas in the client’s mind. Doing this allows us to accurately create a design that the client feels truly embodies their business.

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