Lionshare Negotiations was my first client after starting with New Media. The website was sold as a “brochure” website, meaning it was to be a simple design and setup. This also meant that the work needed to be done as efficient as possible, which is why we chose the Divi theme to create the site.

WordPress Mockup Process

With Get Found Fast, I was used to a very detailed and intimate mockup process with each client. Considering that this was a “brochure” website, we didn’t take the usual approach to defining the design through the mockup phase. In fact, we completely avoided designing any kind of mockups in Photoshop and instead opted for a design based on website hierarchies that the client had said they liked as well as various notes they had left us.

This made the mockup design phase run so much faster, and the initial design of the site was quickly accepted by the client.

WordPress Website Design Process

lionshare homepageAs we got into changing the site based on client feedback, we didn’t see too much of an overhaul. In fact, the biggest thing they wanted us to add was a scrolling testimonial section near the bottom and a page with password-protected content. We also had to make a special effort to optimize the video they had sent us and ended up using Handbrake to reduce the size but keep the overall quality in tact (this was mainly due to the fact that we could not host the video on Youtube).

The rest of the design process went fairly smoothly. We had a number of corrections form the client that we were able to meet and no major changes to the overall design of the website.


For a first project, this site was pretty easy, and we managed to sail through it, meet all the expectations of the client, and end up with a decent looking website.

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