Karen J. Sundby is a medical doctor specializing in skin cancer treatments. She originally came to Get Found Fast seeking a refresh of her website. In lieu of going the usual WordPress route, we opted to build her an HTML site similar to her old one.

HTML/Bootstrap Site Mockup Process

karen j sundby purple mockupThe mockup process for this website was a bit unusual. Because of the price, we could not actually build the mockup design in Photoshop. to work around the time constraints, I mentioned that we could show her pre-existing HTML/Bootstrap templates and see if she would choose one.

When she chose the template she liked, we created several versions of it with variations on color. We also added the content from her current site to give her a better idea of what it would look like.

She eventually settled on a sky blue color scheme (“a soothing color”, she said), and so we started the development process.

HTML/Bootstrap Site Design Process

rollemout full home pageThe design process for building this site was very simple and went pretty fast. The tricky part came later when we started adding all the usual bells and whistles. This required relying on third-party scripts as well as linking them in the footer.

One thing we utilized for the site was icon fades for the “Quick Links” section. She also requested a dropdown menu (thank you bootstrap for having one already integrated) with a list of downloadable patient documents.

After we completed the functionality of the site, we tested the mobile. Despite it being a Bootstrap HTML template, it still required a bit of tweaking and after a while, we were able to make it look decent on different mobile devices.

Conclusion & Optimization Report

Since the website was sold at such a low price, we didn’t put int he time to optimize it completely. We also didn’t have server access to turn on the Gzip Compression, which would have ended up helping a lot overall.

I liked the opportunity to develop this. I hadn’t done a raw HTML site in a long time, and it felt good to shake the dust off and do something different.

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