We secured this web design project a while back and have taken on Justin as a regular client. On top of asking us to re-design his Jays restaurant website, he also tasked us with re-designing his Great Scotts Eatery website. Both projects have pretty interesting design specs.

WordPress Website Design

Before Justin approached us to re-design his websites, he had already had an established website online, so the focus of the project became building a design that was unique and different from the prior one.

We decided to go with a pre-built theme from Elegant Themes, using their flagship Divi theme and building it out from there. Although this wasn’t one of our advanced WordPress tiers, we still did a bit of custom design to the overall website as well as some custom coding to the CSS and HTML.

Since Jays Grille & Bar centered around Fine American Dining, we decided to run with a simple striped theme throughout the website as well as incorporating colors from the logo into the scheme. We also tried to keep the front page pretty informative so that potential customers would not have to click through to various links on the site.

jays grille menu


We added a slight 3D CSS effect to both the top and bottom menus as well as a nifty animation effect for when you hover over the links. The background of the header also has a subtle striped pattern lining it. The rest of the designs used on the website were altered graphics used to keep a strong yet subtle minimalist look.

As for the menu page, we ended up using CSS to create a 3D menu for the restaurant, which added a nice overall touch.

jays grille menu page


The rest of the web design went pretty smoothly after we ironed out the 3D menu effect.

Conclusion & Optimization Report

I think this project went pretty smoothly, and although the client was quite busy managing his three restaurants, we were able to communicate with him effectively enough to gather details and finish it. The other benefit to how quickly it went was that we didn’t have to mess with the functionality of the website since he wanted it to be purely informational.

Optimizing it also went smoothly. I was able to obtain an “A” in pagespeed score, though the overall size remains above 2 MBs, it still loads pretty quickly:


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