Hydrodig was another WordPress website I did while working at Get Found Fast. Much like the other website projects, this too was a refresh from an HTMl website design made in the early 2000s.

WordPress Mockup Process

The mockup process for this project was interesting. The client was very meticulous when it came down to the design, so the final product is the end result of a number of revisions.

The biggest hurdle initially was designing the site in mind for Hydrodig’s various locations. I came together with the SEO department and we devised a solution, which the client ended up accepting. This involved creating separate location pages for each field office and then creating a system to manage them

Unfortunately since leaving Get Found Fast, I never had a chance to actually get shots of the old mockup designs.

WordPress Website Design Process

Click the image to see the location page design

The web design process for this particular website was only partially finished before I left the company. We had the site in development and nearly complete, but it had yet to be launched.

The most arduous task we had before launching was creating multiple locations for SEO purposes. Not only that, we also had to create a system to manage the locations.

I eventually settled on a custom post type coupled with ACF fields. This created a system wherein we could create distinct pages for each location.

To facilitate the listing of each location, we used an accordion dropdown to consolidate the list and make it less overwhelming.

hydrodig homepageThe rest of the website design was easy by comparison. We added a button on the right that led directly to the locations page (this was requested by the client to allow ease of access for his guys in the field) and incorporated the AOS (animate on scroll library) to add some dynamic animation to the content and imagery.


Although the mockup design process started off bumpy, we managed to finalize the design for the site using the custom WordPress theme I developed for Get Found Fast.

Despite being a simple site in concept, this became a bit overwhelming with the SEO design and the location pages, but in the end, the client was satisfied with our approach to the original desire for the website.

Normally I would have added an optimization report to this, but I’m not entirely sure of the state of the site since leaving.

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