Infographic Design

The client for this project initially gave us very little information on how exactly she wanted the infographic to look. She did, however, provide us with an outline of the information for the infographic.

The few details she gave us for the design were to include some kind of representation of an HIV cell as well as some sort of design to represent the statistics.

We used a color palette based on the rendering of HIV cells, as well as a deep blood red color for obvious reasons. We finalized this design and added the citation and sent it off.


She responded a few days later with a number of changes and additions to the design.

The design we came up with turned out to be a bit much for her. She was searching for something a lot more simple than we provided. The reason given was that the infographic had to be more about the statistics than the design, which was understandable if you’re trying to convey information instead of market information.

She ended up sending us a rough outline of the design she wanted as well as an update to the statistics.

Since we were on a tight deadline, we put together something very simple and ended up settling on this design:


hiv infographic


This project was definitely a unique one. We’d never encountered someone before who wanted us to dumb down a design to stop it from overshadowing the information presented. However, the lesson learned was important and helped us to realize that sometimes clients prefer to present information over design.

All-in-all she was happy with the final product, which was the most important result from the experience.



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