24hrroofestimates.com was designed for a local client of ours in Denver, Colorado. The client came to us in search of a simplistic, information-based website that could be used to inform potential clients and contacts of the services he offers.

As a company, 24hrroofestimates provides help for those in need of insurance estimate experts. They also specialize in the use of Xactimate, an estimation program.

WordPress Website Design

They initially wanted to go with a more simplistic design that offered a lot less color than the current website. They were very easy to work with and were happy with the first design comp we produced using a bare-bones WordPress template.

Later on, we were asked to do a redesign of the website. We decided to go with something a little more elegant and we developed a simple logo to accommodate their brand. The color palette focused on different shades of blue and we developed a simple “house blueprint”-like graphic for the header in Photoshop.



We completed the comp fairly quickly and once again the client was happy with the result.

Site Functionality

One of the more unique things about 24hrroofestimates was their need for the back-end to act as a simpler version of a CRM. We prefer to use Drupal for CRMS, but we decided to go with WordPress and attempt to add our own functionality.

Users are able to register with 24hrroofestimates and fill in their company’s information. When they submit an estimate using the form, some of that information conveniently populates it.

The form itself was also unique as we had never designed something so complex and with so many fields.

Blogging & Email Campaigns

At the moment, we createa blog every week for 24hrroofestimates on issues in the property insurance industry or on general insurance news. We also set these articles up to be delivered using Mailchimp to the client’s database of contacts.

Finding a good setup and design for the Mailchimp newsletter was a little challenging considering we are fairly new to newsletter design. We created a simple HTML template optimized to deal with spam filters and low in size to ease the burden on email servers. This was the final design:



Since we revised the original design of 24hrroofestimates, the client’s traffic and clientele has grown. We hope to continue to develop and improve his website.

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